IOS (IPhone, IPad) Development (Mobile)

IOS (IPhone, IPad) Application Development

Apple is a brand that gave a very different dimension to smart devices like mobiles, tablets, PC, laptops and what not. The market segment that Apple attracts is huge than any other brand in the same business. In fact, the king of technology and interface that Apple offers is worth applause.

Apple's App Store has world's largest collection of mobile apps. All the apps for iPhone and iPad are built to run on iOS operating system. iOS is used as an operating system for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices by apple corporation. Iphone is the most advanced mobile in today’s market worldwide. It has gained high popularity in the mobile industry due to its hi-tech and stylish features such as multi-touch screen, dual camera, retina display, enhanced GPS navigation, accelerometer and advance iOS to name just a few.

iPhone is a unique device with unique OS. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the technology it works on. The features and diversity of applications it offers are commendable and of course very competitive. This is a reason iPhone App development has gained popularity at such a great pace, giving a rise to the demand of developers. However, an iPhone App can turn out to be a total disaster, if not handled by an expert.

What Features Provided by Language

  • We offer Following Services in IOS Development:
    • Develop universal application compatible with both iPhone and iPad
    • Address Book Based Applications
    • Enterprise Application
    • 2D Gaming/Game Center Apps
    • GPS Based Real Time Application
    • Social Networking (Facebook/Twitter)
    • Calendar based Apps
    • Finance/Banking Application
    • Location based Application